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Eve Taylor Facials & Spa Body Treatments

Luxury facials and spa body treatments from a professional beauty therapist.

Get a relaxing spa body treatment from Em's beauty Box.

Treat yourself to a luxury crystal facial or a spa body treatment without having to leave the house.

Using unique essential oil blends the Eve Taylor Aromatherapy products offers safe and effective, problem specific solutions to the needs of your skin. Does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, SD alcohol or artificial fragrance.

Full Facial

A luxury full facial including cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extraction, aromatherapy face massage, mask, moisturise & eye cream applied.


Express Facial

A 30 minute facial to keep maintained skin but at a quicker application. Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, moisturise & eye cream applied.



Rose Quartz Crystal Facial

Enjoy the feeling of rose quartz crystals soothing & smoothing your skin as well as calming your mind. An added boost of collagen with vitamin C to brighten & tighten your skin.


* Helps combat fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin.

* Improves skin clarity

* Re-balance uneven skin tone.

* Help banish dark eyes and puffiness.

* The rose quartz crystal emits a vibration which releases tension,calms inflammation & encourages cell restoration.

* Lymphatic drainage massage.

* Increases blood and oxygen to penetrate deep into the skin.

* Stimulates Collagen production & helps release trapped toxins.


Facial Add-ons

Enhance your facial with an add on treatment for £11.

Choose one of the below:

Hand & arm massage

Foot & lower massage

Mini back massage

Extra time on head massage

Perfect lip pout treatment

Mini Reiki boost.

Luxury Body Wraps

Includes full body exfoliation & moisturiser.

Marine Mud Wrap: Cleansing & Detoxifying. Rich in calcium, magnesium & minerals,Renew & restore.

Self Heating Wrap: 

Spirulina gives a natural source of amino acids to restore firmness. Vitamins A & E act as skin toners, whilst marine salt has respective slimming properties.

Full Wraps £63

Spa Body 

Full Body scrub: Stimulating circulation & encouraging new cell regeneration Enriched with essential oils.  £27

Back Treatment:

A deep exfoliation on the back, followed by extractions, elimination mask and ending with a relaxing back massage.


Contour & Elimination 

Contour & Elimination Mask:

Firming effect.

Hydrating & toning.

Enhances elimination of toxins. Includes application of cellu-lose contour cream.

Legs & Bums £27-£30

Full Body  £47.50-£52.50

Anti-Cellulite Treatment:

Skin is body brushed and Cellu-lose contour cream is vigorously applied.

Legs, bums & tums £30