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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a Holistic form of psychological acupressure that combines the wisdom of ancient healing practices from the East & Western psychotherapy.

It is known as 'tapping' because this technique involves tapping gently on different parts of the face & body. It is a non-invasive therapy that can be used by all including children


Eft works by tapping with your fingertips on our bodies meridian end-points on the face & upper body and saying the words that evoke traumatic memories or describe various emotions. Speaking the words in our mind to tune into the negative thoughts. By tapping into these negative thoughts we can try to neutralise those feelings. Some emotions are imprinted on us & not always remembered clearly so some of our behaviors & issues are linked to these episodes.


Reduce anxiety

Sleep better

lower stress

relief from menopausal symptoms

Be more open to new opportunities

Lesson chronic pain

Reduce IBS

Help with phobias and fears

Seasonal allergies

Help focus on studying and work

Make friends with your body


Cravings and addictions


Chronic fatigue

Emotional disorders

Self-sabotaging behavior patterns

Headaches and many different re-occurring issues.

Lowering stress & relaxing more helps drop cortisol. Cortisol is a main ageing & weight gaining hormone, so reducing the fight or flight response in our bodies, we help reduce the amount of blood glucose that the liver dumps into our blood.  By using this glucose by physical exertion we help reduce the stored fat. Showing relaxing the stress we have can help with weight issues also.

The Science:


Meridians are the energy channels that transport life energy (Qi), like an energy circuit. Occasionally these energy channels can get blocked, interrupting the energy flow and resulting in disease. If left untreated we can feel unwell physically & psychologically.


Amygdala is responsible for memory, emotions & survival instincts (fight or flight). When this is stimulated by stress this triggers the HPA (hypythalmis-pituitary-adrenal) axis and attacks the rational part of the brain. Eft can interrupt the response to the Amygdala and essentially re-program it.

During a session we recreate the memory of a negative thought or event, sending the Amygdala into alert by tapping on certain meridian points, we send signals that help to lower the alert. We help calm the Amygdala and help remove the emotion that was associated with the event.

EFT can be done in person and also online via video message such as Skype and zoom.

A session can last around an hour, where discussion is taken place and also the the tapping technique is taught to you to use in your daily routine.

Advantages & what is needed during online sessions:

*Can be taken regardless of where you are in the world

* Flexibility for bookings

* No need to leave the comfort of your home.

* Internet connection

* Microphone & speakers, earphones with built in microphones used for mobile phones are usually compatible.

*Skype or zoom

Everyone is different to how many sessions they may require or feel the need for. It depends on their own issues that they want to address and how the body reacts to EFT session. It is advised 3-4 sessions with your practitioner.

First session can generally be longer due to the in depth questions to find your issues you want to reflect on.

First session includes full consultation and learning the Eft technique.  ¬£40